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the health metric water hardness test strips

What is water hardness?

Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, largely calcium and magnesiumAs water passes through soil and underground mineral deposits, it can pick up traces of calcium and magnesium which subsequently dissolve. 

The major factor that determines the hardness of your water supply is the nature of the underground geology and the original source of the water. Some locations will have water that is naturally low in calcium and magnesium – so-called “soft” water – while other water supplies will be very hard, containing a high level of minerals. Well and municipal water supplies are both affected by water hardness.

Why is water hardness important?

The term “hardness” was originally used to describe water that was literally “hard to wash with.” Minerals causing hardness prevent soap from lathering by forming insoluble “waxy” soap deposits. That's why, hard water can cause a variety of problems, examples include:

health metric well water test kit  Soap scum build-up on shower tiles, bathtubs, and sinks • Difficulty rinsing away soap and shampoo

health metric well water test kit  Brittle-feeling hair

health metric well water test kit  Dry and itchy skin

health metric well water test kit  White mineral deposits on glassware

When mineral-rich (especially magnesium and calcium) water is heated, insoluble scale forms. Such a scale build-up harms many appliances in the home and can reduce water heater efficiency or cause premature failure of water heaters and boilers all together.

Who's affected?


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Chances are if you are located in North America you have hard water. About 85% of homes have hard water. Hard water is also common in the UK (around 60%) and Canada. These Health Metric test strips make monitoring water hardness easy. No need to mess with chemicals or pay for an expensive laboratory test. Simply dip the strip into the water and compare it with a large color chart on the bottle. 

Helpful Resources and Downloads

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If you want to learn more about water hardness and how it may affect you, here is a great website to look up.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

No; calcium and magnesium are natural minerals that pose no known health issues. 
Yes. The color pad can appear deep olive to brownish when removed from the container. 
Yes; hardness minerals can lead to hair feeling dry and brittle and can interfere with certain hair care products.
Yes; the test strips will show if your water softener is working. Usefully, you can also use the test strips to determine how often to set the regeneration cycle
No; please discard the individual strip after each use.
If the water being tested is very low in minerals, the color on the test strip may not change or only shifts only slightly in color. Be sure to view the strip under daylight conditions.
Once the bottle is opened, use the test strips within 12 months. We advise you to keep the cap tightly closed after each use; please store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
No; TDS measurements include dissolved minerals, salts, nitrates, and other substances. The Water Hardness Test Strips are the proper way to test for water hardness, without interference from other substances that may be present in the water.