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Water Hardness Test Strips

TDS EC ppm meter manual

Learn more about your drinking water
A great resource by the U.S. EPA to learn more about drinking water quality, browse key topics and regulations. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

No; calcium and magnesium are natural minerals that pose no known health issues. 
Yes. The color pad can appear deep olive to brownish when removed from the container. 
Yes; hardness minerals can lead to hair feeling dry and brittle and can interfere with certain hair care products.
Yes; the test strips will show if your water softener is working. Usefully, you can also use the test strips to determine how often to set the regeneration cycle
No; please discard the individual strip after each use.
If the water being tested is very low in minerals, the color on the test strip may not change or only shifts only slightly in color. Be sure to view the strip under daylight conditions.
Once the bottle is opened, use the test strips within 12 months. We advise you to keep the cap tightly closed after each use; please store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
No; TDS measurements include dissolved minerals, salts, nitrates, and other substances. The Water Hardness Test Strips are the proper way to test for water hardness, without interference from other substances that may be present in the water.

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