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Drinking Water Test Kit - 9in1 Tap & Well Analysis

For Simple & Professional Testing With No Hidden Fees


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Analyse your home drinking water and find out what’s really in it.

The water you drink from a tap, well, or any other source could be contaminated without anyone knowing.

To make sure your water doesn’t cause you health or plumbing problems, it needs to be tested frequently for contaminants.

With this kit, you can analyse your water from home without any help, experience, or extra fees. Screen your water for the 9 crucial parameters outlined by the EPA, and see exactly how safe you are from the potential dangers.

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Quick and easy to use

Made in USA

heavy metals test kit

Test to EPA standards

Each year up to 45 million Americans are affected by health-based water quality violations - representing 28% of the US population

A three-year study found more than 200 unregulated chemicals in the nation’s tap water

An estimated 16.4 million cases of acute gastroenteritis are attributed to community water systems each year

Over 2000 water systems across 45 states were reported to contain excessive levels of lead

Comprehensive Testing According To EPA Limits

Made in the USA for maximum quality

Compare your results to EPA recommended levels for drinking water quality

Detect even the smallest amounts of lead, copper, bacteria, and other crucial parameters

Simple Enough For Anyone To Use And Read

Clearly laid out step-by-step instructions to test at home

Quickly get accurate readings for each contaminant

Compare your results to the color-coded card for results

Save $$$s On Lab Tests

No external testing required, no hidden fees

Find out what’s in your water for a fraction of the cost

Test as regularly as recommended without worrying about money

heavy metals test kit

You don’t need a science degree or a lab to test your water source.

This test kit is simple enough for anyone to use at home, and most of the results will be ready within a few minutes.

heavy metals test kit

The step-by-step directions are clearly laid out, making it easy to get accurate results.

Simply compare them to the included color-coded card to find out the levels of each contaminant.

heavy metals test kit

We’ll also send you a free user guide to help you make sense of the results and work out how to keep your water clean.

What people are saying

I loved this kit. Instructions were easy to understand and carry out. Ran every test and found my water wasn't as bad as I thought it would be


The box includes

1 x Lead Test
1 x Copper Test
1 x Coliform Bacteria Test
2 x Total Chlorine Test
2 x Nitrate & Nitrite Test
2 x 3-Way Test (pH, Alkalinity, Hardness)
1 x Instruction Booklet


  • Fast shipping from an Amazon fulfilment centre near you
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 100% safe and secure checkout

Simple testing or money back guarantee

heavy metals test kit

Accurate results that anyone can test for

heavy metals test kit

Customer support ready to help with testing and reading the results

heavy metals test kit

30-day complete satisfaction money back guarantee


  • I waited the 48 hours for the bacteria test and it was a perfect purple and remained that way for several days. However, I forgot to dispose of it and at day 10 it was not a perfect purple anymore, it had turned yellow. Is that normal since so much time had gone by and should ignore or is it something I should be concerned about?

    It is normal for the test to change color after the test period is over. It does not mean anything at all since the kit has

  • Will the bacteria test tell me if I have E.coli?

    No. The bacteria test is a general scan for coliform bacteria. However, E. coli is a coliform type of bacteria.

  • I recently purchased your home water test kit to test my water. Is the powder in the bacteria sample toxic?

    The kit contains no bacteria. It is just a few nutrients in powder form.

  • Does your drinking water test kit test for chloramine?

    Yes. The Total Chlorine test detects free chlorine and chloramine.

  • Does the Drinking Water Test Kit measure water hardness?

    Yes. It measures water hardness and alkalinity.

  • Does the Drinking Water Test Kit measure pH?

    Yes. The kit contains a test strip for measuring pH.

  • Does the Drinking Water Test Kit measure nitrate?

    Yes. It measures nitrate and nitrite.

  • es the Drinking Water Test Kit measure fluoride?


  • Does the Drinking Water Test Kit measure phosphate?


  • Can I use the test kit with well water?

    Yes. The kit works in well and municipal water.

  • Can I use the test kit for pool water?

    No. You will need a special pool test kit.

  • Will the Metals Pre-Check identify which metals are in my water?

    No. The Pre-Check performs a scan for all +2 metals like copper, iron, zinc, etc.

  • Does the bacteria test contain live bacteria?

    No. The jar contains nutrients and a test dye.