Full Drinking Water Testing Kit

Full Drinking Water Testing Kit

Health Metric

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This is the ultimate at-home water testing kit. A greatly 
informative yet affordable
DIY analysis of what's really in your water

The tests are easy to administer and gives you results within 10 minutes for every test included, except bacteria which takes 48 hours for full results.  This one test kit includes all of the following water tests.

An outstanding contaminant list for the price includes:
  • Bacteria Test
  • Heavy Metals Pre-Check - giving you a general indication if any of 20+ toxic metals are present
  • Nirtrates & Nirtrites
  • Chlorine Level
  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness

Any single one of these is  an indicator of deeper problems and needs to be acted on if tested positive.

All tests are MADE IN USA according to EPA Limits. The comparison charts let's you compare your results against EPA recommendations and guidelines for water quality limits.


It's time to equip yourself with the easiest to use Water Testing Product Today.
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