Coliform/E. coli FAQ

The kit is a Yes/No test for the presence of coliform bacteria and E. coli bacteria.
Yes. The kit specifically tests for E. coli
Results take approximately 24 hours (95° F/35° C) or 48 hours (77° F/25° C).
The water in the bottle will turn blue after 48 hours.
The water in the bottle will remain yellow for up to 48 hours.
The test bottle will have a have a blue-purple glow under UV light.
Yes. A special UV wavelength light is included.
Yes. The test uses an EPA compliant method published in the Federal Register/Vol. 67, No. 209.
The test should be viewed and discarded after 48 hours. It may turn blue after 48 hours but the results are invalid.
Yes. The kit works with well and municipal water supplies.
Yes. The test kit works will all types of freshwater.
No. E. coli don’t survive very well in seawater. A different test method is used to screen beaches and ocean water.

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