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Mold Test Kit for Home - Includes free return shipping and Lab Analysis for 3 samples


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Test any surface or material for mold and get complete peace of mind.

If you suspect a mold problem in your home, you may have noticed some of the potential health issues already: asthma, lung problems, sinus infections, or allergic reactions such as coughing and irritated eyes.

If it’s still the early stages, there may only be some minor damage to your home so far. Over time though, mold can rot away anything which it grows on, racking up repair costs and making a mess of your home.

In the early stages of damp or mold growth, you likely won’t know exactly what it is. You may have suspicions, but no one can identify mold just by looking at or smelling it. The only way of being 100% sure is by testing.

With this test kit, you can test surfaces like walls or counters, or chunks of material like drywall or insulation. Once sent off to our AIHA-accredited lab, we’ll send you the results within 5-7 days of receipt. You’ll then have complete clarity on whether your home is contaminated or mold-free.

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All-inclusive test kit

Free return shipping, lab fees included

Made in USA

AIHA-accredited lab

Of the 21.8 million people reported to have asthma in the U.S., approximately 4.6 million cases are estimated to be attributable to dampness and mold exposure in the home. Molds can also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma who are allergic to mold.

Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, toxic substances. Allergic responses include sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash. In addition, mold exposure can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs of both allergic and non-allergic people.

Molds gradually destroy the things they grow on. You can prevent damage to your home and furnishings, save money, and avoid potential health problems by controlling moisture and eliminating mold growth.

All-Inclusive Kit - No Hidden Fees

Save money thanks to the free return shipping and lab testing

Includes testing for 3 samples (surface, bulk or a combination of both)

No extra tools or knowledge required

Highest Standard Available for Mold Testing

Get your samples analyzed by the same lab the professionals use

The one and only way the EPA recommends to analyze samples (by an AIHA-
accredited lab)

Superior quality kit made in the USA

Simple to Use, Quick Results

All your mold-testing questions answered by experts

Get your detailed report within 5-7 business days of receipt

Includes a FREE user guide and unlimited support

mold test kit for home

Read the instructions

mold test kit for home

Collect up to 3 samples using the included tape and/or bulk sample bag(s)

mold test kit for home

Send your samples to the lab with the free shipping label

What people are saying

Who knew mold testing could be this easy, and it didn't even cost a fortune to conduct!


The box includes

6 x Plastic Collection Tray
4 x Plastic Bag
1 x Tape Pad
1 x Test Instructions & Information Form
1 x Free Testing Guide

1 x Shipping Instructions
1 x Return Mailer & Pre-Paid Shipping


  • Fast shipping from an Amazon fulfilment centre near you
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 100% safe and secure checkout

Simple Testing or Your Money Back

mold test kit for home

Accurate results that anyone can test for

mold test kit for home

Help with testing or reading the results if needed

mold test kit for home

30-day complete satisfaction money-back guarantee


  • Will I get the results in the mail or will you send me an email?

    Your mold test report will be sent to your email once it is completed.

  • Is this lab AIHA accredited?

    Yes. The samples will be analyzed by an AIHA-accredited laboratory. This is the highest accreditation standard available for mold testing.

  • Are the lab fees included?

    Yes, the lab fees are covered for 3 samples. You can submit either 3 surface or bulk samples, or a combination of them (e.g. 2 surface samples and 1 bulk sample). In addition, the return shipping back to the lab is included in the price of the testing kit.

  • How long will it take until I get my results back?

    We will prepare and send your report within 5-7 working days after receiving your sample.

  • How is this mold test kit different from the others?

    This mold test kit is analyzed by an AIHA-accredited lab and includes everything in the price - 3 samples tested (surface and/or material) and pre-paid return shipping to the lab. “Bargain” kits can have hidden lab fees and don’t include shipping, meaning you spend a lot more than planned.

  • Are there any additional costs to have the samples analysed?

    The return shipping is free of charge and the lab analysis fees are already included for 3 samples (bulk or surface, or a combination of both.)

  • Does the mold have to be visible or will this test work with any sample I send it?

    The mold does not have to be visible. This test kit allows you to sample any surface or material you think might have mold growing on it.

  • What are the common test kit errors to avoid?

    The kit is simple enough for anyone to complete. However, if we could point out some errors, here are the following 3 common test kit errors to avoid:    1. Read all instructions -  Please read the instructions carefully before beginning the test. This will eliminate nearly 95% of the errors that may occur. 2. Do not crush the spores - When collecting spores using the lift tape, do not press too hard, as this will crush the spores. Crushed spores cannot be identified. 3. Keep the serial number - Keep the top section of the instructions, with the Test Kit serial number, for your records. You will need this number if you need to contact the lab.

  • The test kit seems to include two testing methods (surface and bulk). What's the difference?

    Surface testing - surface testing takes samples from household surfaces to find the amount of mold growth and spores deposited around the home. Samples are collected by tape lifting and are then examined in a laboratory. Bulk testing - bulk testing involves collecting pieces of material (such as drywall, insulation, fiber, etc.) from the home and taking them to a laboratory, where mold particles on the material can be examined under a microscope. Ideally, you should use all three types of tests (air, surface, and bulk testing), since each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Is it possible to test for mold in the air with this test kit or do I need to scrap a surface?

    No. The test kit is not for sampling airborne mold. This kit includes the equipment for taking both surface and bulk samples. That means you can do a tape lift on any surface in your home, or you can submit a piece of material such as drywall or insulation.

  • My results came back positive. How do I get rid of the mold?

    Most molds are considered allergenic and some may be toxigenic, so if you are going to disturb mold with cleaning methods, you increase your chances of exposure to the mold particles. A good rule of thumb is that if the contaminated area is small and the material is non-porous, it can be cleaned by traditional methods. Porus materials, on the other hand, are difficult to clean because of the tiny microscopic holes in the material. The root type structures of the mold can grow down into the holes and make it hard to clean completely.

  • How exactly does this mold test kit work?

    Just follow the step-by-step instructions, collect your samples, and send them off to the lab using the included pre-paid shipping label. We’ll then email you a detailed report within 5-7 business days.

  • I cleaned my mold. Can it come back?

    It certainly can if the conditions are conducive to its growth. Different types of mold thrive in various conditions. Some types of mold grow in high moisture, some low; some like cellulose, some prefer decaying material, etc.

  • How many different species of mold can this test identify?

    The Health Metric Mold Test Kit report will list all mold types detected in the sample to a genus level identification in most cases. Our list of spore types that we identify is as follows:



    Ascospores, Non-specified

    Aspergillus/Penicillium like

    Basidiospores, non-specified



    Cercospora like







    Hyphal fragment



    Non-fungal particulate

    Non-specified spore

    Oidium like

    Pestalotiopsis / Pestalotia








    Trichoderma like


  • How reliable are mold test kits?

    Mold samples are directly examined under a microscope, so any mold present will be viewed by lab technicians, who are highly trained and must possess a Bachelors of Science degree. Rigorous quality standards are followed, and according to these standards many samples are double-analyzed to confirm accuracy. Overall, the lab maintains a less than 1% monthly quality control error rate.

  • How soon after using the test kit do I need to mail it to the lab?

    There is no time limit on mailing the test to the lab.

  • Will the results be detailed enough to know if the mold presents a serious health threat?

    The results of the test will be very detailed and will identify all types of mold found and the relative quantities of mold present. The Frequently Asked Questions section will detail information about the types of mold found. Regarding the health impact of any mold found, this is a question for your doctor. Every person is different and mold affects people differently; only your doctor can tell you the health risk of any mold found. We recommend discussing your mold report with your doctor who is qualified to inform you about how it may or may not affect your health.

  • There are many different types of mold. Can I see what kind of mold I have and if it is dangerous in the results?

    The test will identify all of the types of mold present, if any. The report cannot determine if the mold is dangerous, as every person reacts differently to mold. Older people and people with compromised immune systems may be more sensitive to mold and have worse health effects than a young and healthy person. Once you receive your report, we recommend discussing it with your doctor who is qualified to inform you about how it may or may not affect your health.

  • Will this identify mold in a carpet?

    The Lift Tape sample collection method will collect spores from the surface of any object, including carpet. If you wish to test for spores inside the carpet fibers or deep within the carpet, it would be best to use the Bulk sample collection method and send in a piece of your carpet.

  • I am a general contractor and need to test mold while inspecting houses. Will this work for me?

    The test is analyzed by a laboratory used by professional mold inspectors. While the test itself is professional quality and is accredited, you should check with your local health department to determine what qualifications and/or licenses are required in your area to be a mold inspector.

  • What information will be in the laboratory report?

    This test report contains the following sections: Cover, Report, FAQ and Glossary. The Report section shows what type of mold if any were found in the provided sample. The answer is provided in a rating system of "No mold detected", "Minor", "Moderate", and "Heavy". "No mold detected" = the substance on the sample you submitted did not contain a detectable level of mold. "Minor" amounts of mold can be found in typical dust samples because mold spores are a normal part of our air make up. "Heavy" amounts tend to come directly from the source of the mold. For example, you saw mold growing on a piece of fruit, sent in a sample, the lab would report a "heavy" rating.