Well Water Test Kit

Well Water Test Kit

Health Metric

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Ensure your well water safety for peace of mind. 

Wells can easily become contaminated - putting you and your family at risk of illness, plumbing problems (such as pipe corrosion), and other issues. The Health Metric Well Water Test Kit includes tests for 8 water quality parameters, providing you a simple, accurate and low-cost way to screen your well water for the presence of potentially harmful contaminants. 

What's in the box:
1 x Bacteria / Coliform Test 
2 x Nitrate & Nitrite Test 
2 x Manganese Test
2 x Hydrogen Sulfide Test
2 x 3-Way Test (Alkalinity, pH, Hardness)

This home water testing kit is simple enough for anyone to use with zero expertise or equipment. The step-by-step directions are clearly laid out, making it easy to get accurate results. Simply compare your results to the included color-coded card to check the levels of each contaminant.

Hundreds of dollars saved on lab tests. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t test every 6 months (or even more frequently in some cases) like recommended. Testing separately for every element at a laboratory would cost stupid amounts of money. This kit makes it possible to find out what’s in your water without breaking the bank. 

Rest assured, all our test kits are made in the USA in line with the official EPA limits. This means you can easily compare your results with EPA-approved guidelines for drinking water quality. 

It's time to equip yourself with a Well Water Test Kit and find out what's really in your water for a fraction of the cost of laboratories.  

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