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Drinking Water Testing

How often should I test? It's recommended to test at least once a year minimum. Read our When to test page.

Compare your results to EPA recommended results here.

Got too high levels of specific elements? Read our At home fixes.

Download the Health Metric Drinking Water Testing Guide.

Get your Drinking Water Testing Kit here.

Want to learn more about the lead test results? Find the test instructions, FAQs and Results Gallery here.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal for the test to change color after the test period is over. It does not mean anything at all since the kit has run its course.
No. The bacteria test is a general scan for coliform bacteria. However, E. coli is a coliform type of bacteria.
The kit contains no bacteria. It is just a few nutrients in powder form.
Yes. The Total Chlorine test detects free chlorine and chloramine.
Yes. It measures water hardness and alkalinity.
Yes. The kit contains a test strip for measuring pH.
Yes. It measures nitrate and nitrite.
Yes. The kit works in well and municipal water.
No. You will need a special pool test kit.
No. The Pre-Check performs a scan for all +2 metals like copper, iron, zinc, etc.
No. The jar contains nutrients and a test dye.
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