About us

Health Metric.

 As Simple As A Glass Of Water.

Have you ever wondered how clean your water really is?

Since the effects of a possible contamination can be long-term, you might not even find out until it’s too late. Is this something you are really comfortable with? If you are like everyone else on the planet, probably not. You need your water to be crystal clear, clean and healthy. And you need to know.

Water Testing Is Costly & Time-Consuming. Not Anymore.

Health Metric was established on a simple principle. A healthy life is a happy life. That’s why our goal, ever since we first developed our first pH meter, has been to make water testing, water filtering and quality testing not only accessible by everyone, but also simpler. Water quality testing doesn’t have to be an expensive process that takes months.

Health Metric Is The Right Answer.

Make the complex, simple. That’s our motto. Our team of expert EPA specialists, our cutting-edge facilities and our attention to detail, make Health Metric a pioneer in drinking water testing, pH testing, filtering and analysis. One thing that characterizes us is that we don’t like to settle. We continuously upgrade our product line which includes pH Meters, Tds Meters, Drinking Water Test Kits, Heavy Metal Tests and Alkaline Water Filters, in order to offer you the highest-quality, most innovative products at the most competitive prices.

"We aim to inspire you to live a healthier life through drinking quality water and being aware of the decisions you make."

Mike & Magnus, Health Metric Founders

And our way of achieving that is by establishing an honest, personal and friendly relationship. You can always count on us to answer your questions, even if you are not buying a product and simply need some advice. Above all, we want to put a smile on your face.

Heres To A Healthier Lifestyle!