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Find out the quality of your air and water from home.
No science degree needed!


Do You Know How Clean Your Air & Water Really Are?
You care about the looks and safety of your house and family, but all kinds of problems can unexpectedly arise if your air or water become contaminated. These problems are usually completely unexpected and aren’t even noticeable until it’s too late. 

The air you breathe and the water you drink are basic necessities though. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’re safe or not. You should be able to check the quality of your air and water, knowing for sure that you’re drinking and breathing the purest.

It Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated.
After seeing the huge lack of helpful information out there, with instructions and results that only scientists could understand, we decided to do something a little different. 

We know what it’s like having to figure out how to use an overly-complicated product and then not getting any help from the instructions or support people. If only every product included decent information, we would all save a lot of time and hassle!

Finally. Results That Actually Make Sense!
We believe that testing air and water should be simple enough for anyone to understand. That’s why the testing equipment we make is always accompanied by instructions that are easy enough for everyday homeowners to follow. 

And once you have your results, we don’t just leave you to figure them out yourself. You get a free guide (if available) and unlimited support from our EPA experts. You can then actually understand the results and work out what to do with your air and water to keep them in perfect condition. 

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