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When Should I test?

Generally, it is recommended to test your water at least once a year, if not every six months.


Test your water...

  • If your water supply is private, ie. comes from a well in your garden then routine well water tests should be carried out regularly

  • If you have recurring incidents of gastrointestinal illness within your family

  • Pregnant women, babies and young children are especially at risk from exposure to contaminants

  • If you move to a new property

  • If you suspect contamination ie. through smell or discolouring. Do you see blue or red stains in the sink, bathtub or clothes?

  • If water leaves scaly residue on plumbing and fixtures

  • If household appliances or water supply equipment don’t appear to be working properly or wear rapidly

  • If Health & Safety regulations require that specific water tests are carried out regularly

In addition, certain factors can change over time and therefore tests should be carried out regularly:
  • Hardness
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides as well as Nitrates & Nitrites as levels may vary due to seasonal changes ie. in the intensity of agriculture
  • Lead: test for lead at different times in a day as lead levels can vary depending on water usage (they are highest when water has been sitting in the pipe for a while)