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How to use your Heavy Metals Test Strip

Please follow the instructions closely to get accurate results

Additional tips:

1. Read results in daylight not ambient light

2. Fold the strip against it's back under a 30-45 degree angle to get visually best result

3. Contact a lab or your local water authority if there are signs of contamination.

NB! Heavy metals leech into water when water is standing in pipes for a longer period of time. We included several tests so you can make a mistake or try again after running cold water for 2 minutes. Letting water run before use will help get rid of the toxic water.

TESTING FAQ - Reading and Understanding  Your Results

The Health Metric heavy Metals Test is designed to detect the presence of one or more metals in water. These metals include lead, copper, cadmium and other +2 valence metals.
The test kit detects all metals in the +2 category. These happen to be the metals that have health concerns or cause problems like sink staining, laundry troubles and hair care problems. A positive test result means that your water supply contains one or more of these metals.
The Heavy Metals Test Kit is designed to provide a simple, accurate and low-cost way to screen your water for the presence of potentially harmful metals. In order to determine which metals are in your water requires a separate test for each metal.
Be aware that most water sources that pass through metal pipes will contain a low (20 ppb) level of metals. This is normal and considered acceptable by the US Environmental Protection Agency. If you have health concerns we recommend using a water filtration system that removes heavy metals. A reverse osmosis filter is capable of removing heavy metals from drinking water. You may also consider a pitcher filter that provides heavy metals removal. Bottled water that is certified heavy metals free is another option.
This test method requires that the test area of the strip has a pale orange color. If your water has zero metals the color on the strip will remain unchanged. It will not match the lowest level of 10 ppb.
Yes. You can test any bottled, well or municipal water with the Heavy Metals Test Kit.
No. The test strip must be dipped in a 20 milliliter water sample. This is required to obtain an accurate result.
Be sure to make the color comparison in daylight conditions. Shade and different types of indoor lighting can make color matching difficult.
If the test strip shows a color that does not match the chart exactly, it means the metals level is in between the two levels on the card. Example: If the color looks to be in between 50 and 100 ppb, you can assume that the metals are approximately 75 ppm.
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