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Coliform Bacteria Test Kit - For Home Tap & Well Water

EPA-Approved Testing Method For Coliform Bacteria


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Find out how clean and safe your drinking water really is.

Wells and other private drinking water sources can easily become contaminated with disease-causing bacteria, putting you and your family at risk of illness.

Public water sources are tested regularly to make sure no coliform is present. Your private water source, however, could be contaminated with dangerous levels of bacteria without you knowing anything about it.

This test kit allows you to test any water source and compare the results to official EPA standards. Within 48 hours, you can find out if your drinking water contains coliform bacteria such as E. coli.

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Easy to use 48-hour test

Made in USA

EPA-approved testing method

The EPA recommends testings at least once a year

In a nationwide study of domestic wells, a staggering 34% of the approximately 400 private wells sampled, showed the presence of total coliform bacteria.

Total coliform is the most prevalent type of health-based drinking water violation, representing about 37% of all violations.

In the US alone, an estimated 16.4 million cases of acute gastroenteritis are attributed to community water systems each year.

Get Results at Home in 48 Hours

Follow the simple instructions to set up the test in minutes

Free testing guide with all you need to know about bacteria in water

See your test results within 48 hours

EPA-approved Testing For Complete Confidence

Test kit produced in the USA to the highest standards

Check for bacteria according to official nationwide EPA standards

Clear results that anyone can understand

No Mailing, Extra Fees, or Equipment Required

Save time and hassle on other testing methods

Up to 5 times cheaper than going through a lab

Test regularly without worrying about the cost

Simply fill the jar with water up to the shoulder, screw on the cap, and shake it for 20 seconds.

Place the jar out of direct sunlight at a minimum temperature of 70°F, and leave for 48 hours.

If the liquid stays purple, the test is negative. If it turns yellow, that means it contains high levels of bacteria.

What people are saying

It was easy to use and put my mind to ease that our well water was not contaminated with coliform bacteria.


The box includes

1 x Coliform Bacteria Test

1 x Instruction Booklet


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Accurate results that anyone can test for

Customer support ready to help with testing and reading the results.

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  • What are coliform bacteria?

    Coliform bacteria are present in the environment and feces of all warm-blooded animals and humans.

    There are many different kinds of coliform bacteria. Most coliform bacteria are harmless. However, fecal coliform (E. coli) is a type of coliform bacteria and is a health hazard.

  • How do bacteria get into my water supply?

    Coliform are not naturally found in groundwater. Their presence indicates there is a problem someplace in the water supply. Common causes include:

    - Cracks and holes in the well cover

    - Cracked well pipe

    - Recent work on the water distribution system leading to the home

    - Repairs made to the well or home’s plumbing system

    - Septic system or animal waste is close to the well

    - Contaminated faucet aerator or water filter

  • What bacteria does the test detect?

    The kit is a Presence/Absence test for coliform bacteria. The test will show if coliform bacteria are in the water.

  • Does this test for E. coli?

    E. coli is one of the coliform bacteria strains. If E. coli is in the water, the test will detect it and show a positive result. If coliform bacteria are found in your water supply, it is an indication that the disease-causing coliform, E. coli, could get in the same way.

  • How does the bacteria test work?

    The bottle contains a special nutrient blend. When a water sample if added, the nutrients dissolve, turning the water purple/magenta.  If coliform bacteria are in the water, they’ll consume the nutrients. When this happens, the water in the bottle turns bright yellow within 48 hours of starting the test.

  • Can I test my well water for bacteria contamination?

    Yes. The kit works with well and municipal water supplies.

  • How do I know if my water has coliform bacteria?

    The water in the bottle will turn bright yellow after 48 hours if kept at 70-77°F (21-25° C).

  • What do I do if the test shows there are bacteria in my water?

    Consult with your Board of Health or a water treatment professional. Typically, if coliform bacteria are found, a lab should perform a second test to look for E. coli or Fecal Coliform. These bacteria indicate that your water supply has come in contact with human or animal waste, which has a very high risk for transmitting disease.

  • Can I perform the bacteria test in a cold room?

    The test works by the activity of bacteria in the water. Cold conditions slow down the bacteria and can lead to inaccurate results. For best results, run the 48-hour incubation period at a temperature of 70-77°F (21-25° C).

  • My bottle was purple after 48 hours but turned yellow the next day. What does it mean?

    The test should be viewed after 48 hours, then discarded. The bottle may turn yellow after 48 hours, but the results are invalid.

  • Is this test EPA-compliant?

    The test follows EPA guidelines for sampling water for coliform testing.

  • Can I test lakes and streams for coliform and E. coli?

    No. E. coli don’t survive very well in seawater. A different test method is used to screen beaches and ocean water.