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Is Your Drinking Water Protected From Neurotoxins?

Posted by James Layton on
Is Your Drinking Water Protected From Neurotoxins?

Harmful algal blooms are a major environmental problem in all 50 states

Natural toxins released from harmful algal blooms (HABs) are affecting our drinking water supply. Not all algae are harmful. Blue-green “Cyanobacteria” occur naturally in lakes and rivers. Many water treatment plants use these water sources to supply cities with drinking water. When excess fertilizers like phosphate and nitrate contaminate the lakes and rivers, it causes massive algae blooms. Unlike most algae species, blue-green algae contain powerful neurotoxins. Cyanobacteria release toxins called microcystins. Fish, birds and other animals can drink these poisons. Pets and farm animals have died from ingesting water contaminated with microcystins. Neurotoxins have been detected across the country. Under normal conditions the blue-green algae population is tiny and does not affect our drinking water. But when nutrients trigger a bloom, neurotoxins can be detected in drinking water.

algae bloom


Guarding against contaminated drinking water

Drinking water treatment facilities work to keep the water supply safe. Unfortunately, water treatment plants are having a difficult time detecting and removing the neurotoxins from the water. In September of 2013, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency issued a "Do Not Drink” advisory because toxins were detected in the public drinking water. Research shows that chlorine disinfection does not remove these harmful algae neurotoxins. The good news is the Health Metric Water Filter Pitcher uses activated carbon filtration, which has been proven to remove algae toxins from drinking water. With the Health Metric Water Filter Pitcher, you, your family and pets will be protected from contaminated water. The water filter pitcher makes the best-tasting water and safeguards you and your family!


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