Heavy Metals Pre-Check - A first pass to detect traces of 20+ Heavy Metals including Lead, Iron, Copper and More

Heavy Metals Pre-Check - A first pass to detect traces of 20+ Heavy Metals including Lead, Iron, Copper and More

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We call this the "peace of mind" test.

The test is designed to provide a simple, accurate and low-cost way to screen your water for the presence of +2 valence metals. 

These happen to be the metals that have health concerns, are carcinogens and are not easily recognisable by smell or visuals. You only know you have a problem when you or members of your family begin to have unexplained health issues like stomach aches, gastrointestinal disorders or organ disfunctions. 

The test detects traces of aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, silver, tin, zinc, vanadium and many more.


A positive test result means that your water supply contains one or more of these metals. Determining which metals are in your water requires a separate test for each metal. This means the test does not distinguish between the metals you do or do not have in your water - this requires a separate test for each metal.


Putting all those metals into one test is impossible and having seperate strips or a lab test for all of them costs hundreds. This test will tell you if you have one or more of the metals in your water or not.

You will spend more money testing if it says you have some form of contamination BUT it will save quite a bit of money if there's nothing there allowing to you to test regularily every 6 months.

Thus why we call it the "peace of mind" test.


  • PRE-CHECK 20+ HEAVY METALS: Quickly and accurately test your drinking water as a pre-check to spot indicators of deeper problems. Calibrated to detect toxic metals presence. However will not tell which ones - it is a pre-check to save money on labs.

  • EASY AT HOME TESTING - No laboratory testing or mailing in required. Just dip and wait 30 seconds, then check results against the clear, easy to read color chart
  • Made in USA - don't rely on foreign-made tests from other countries.
  • Ensure EPA standards - designed using cutting-edge chemistries and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Compare your results with EPA recommendations and guidelines for water quality limits.
  • SAVE 100+ USD -  laboratory costs for Heavy Metals are valued at 159 USD. This test is used as a first-pass to detect whether or not a thorough (and expensive) lab test is warranted.

In the mini-package you will find:
- 3 Heavy Metal Test Strips giving you a general indication of metals presence.

A three-year study of the nation's drinking water quality has found more than 200 unregulated chemicals in the tap water of 45 states. 

Water testing is broken. With current tools, it takes days to get basic information, weeks to validate results, and months to respond to contamination events. The water reports and information are either not easily found or available to the public.

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