Alkaline Water Pitcher - highest pH on the market (1 long life filter included)

Alkaline Water Pitcher - highest pH on the market (1 long life filter included)

Health Metric

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When choosing an alkaline pitcher, it's the components inside that matter most.

Experience fuller flavor for better coffee and tea. Healthier water for tastier food when cooking. And most importantly, add health benefits for the entire family!

The pitcher delivers natural tasting healthy crisp high pH drinking water.
Drinking purified alkaline ionized water from a jug or dispenser can improve health by detoxifying your body, through the removal of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, & chemicals including fluoride & chlorine from our water, while increasing essential mineral uptake.
As a bonus, metabolism can increase, aiding in weight loss. Disease-causing free radicals are removed through powerful antioxidants & high negative ORP, which assists to increase immunity and energy levels.
Due to the micro-clustering from an alkaline water system, hydration is more easily achieved and maintained.

So how is the Health Metric Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher BETTER?

  • UP TO 9.5 pH - depending on your water quality results may vary. We tried ALL of The filters on the market and chose the best performer into the pitcher.

  • IMPROVED NUTRIENT ABSORPTION - the Ion Exchange Resin leaves healthy trace minerals (Magnesium, Calcium) into the water which helps cells absorb nutrients better and stay hydrated for longer.

  • FILTERS ARSENIC, LEAD, and FLUORIDE - an alkaline filter succeeds where the PUR and Brita fail. This is because the Brita and PUR are based on activated carbon. This only removes bacteria, hardness and chlorine from the water. Our filters have 7-STAGE FILTERING consisting of activated carbon, mineral balls and an ion exchange resin. The Ion Exchange Resin is able to remove charged ions (which Heavy Metals, Arsenic, and Fluoride are).

  • HIGHEST QUALITY "VIRGIN" CARBON FROM SRI LANKA (no industrial processing used)


  • 2X THE LIFETIME OF MOST ALKALINE FILTERS ON THE MARKET  - includes 1 long-life filter filtering almost 400L and saving money by eliminating over 800 plastic bottles. Each filter produces 1,250 8oz glasses - DOUBLE of competitors.

  • JUMBO SIZE WATER RESERVOIR - The 3.5-liter water reservoirs allows for 10 cups of water vs the usual 6.

  • AUTOMATIC REMINDER - each pitcher is equipped with an automatic 60 days countdown timer advising you when it is time to change the filters so you can keep on enjoying alkaline water benefits.
This is the ultimate alkaline water filter pitcher (ionizer) designed based on numerous tests and feedback from hundreds of customers.

We literally went out and tested every single filter we could get our hands on...


Start adding Alkaline Benefits to your drinking water today!
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