Alkaline Water Replacement Filter

Alkaline Replacement Filter

Health Metric

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When choosing an alkaline pitcher or a new filter, it's the components inside that matter most.

Rediscover the pleasure of drinking water. Naturally alkalized water has a crisp and refreshing taste due to its balanced mineral composition. By breaking down micro-clusters and removing contaminants, the water obtains a deliciously silky and smooth texture.

You can taste, feel and enjoy the difference of antioxidant-rich alkaline water. Amongst many other benefits, the raised alkalinity promotes enhanced nutrient absorption, and helps to neutralize acid buildup and free radicals in your body. 

Instead of buying a new pitcher, why not save the money and hassle, and just get a new replacement filter? At the end of the day, that's what really matters. 

REMOVES CHLORINE, FLUORIDE, HEAVY METALS & MORE - A significant reduction in common water contaminants, including Chlorine, Fluoride, and heavy metals helps to keep your water safe, crystal clear and pleasant to drink.

6-STAGE FILTRATION - Take your water purification to the next level. The filter media includes Raw Virgin Activated Carbon, US-based Ion Exchange Resin, and several other ingredients designed to maximize the pH & -ORP, purification and remineralization of your water.

DOUBLE THE FILTERING OF CONVENTIONAL FILTERS - Each filter purifies up to 105 gallons of water, equivalent to 800 wasted bottles. Save the money and nature by using a water pitcher to keep yourself and your family healthily hydrated.

Depending on your water quality, the lifetime of a single filter is about 300-400L. This means you should replace your filter approximately every 2-3 months.

NOTE! These filters are primarily meant as replacement filters for Health Metric Alkaline Pitcher. However, we've made the cartridges standard size, so it should fit also other pitchers without a problem, (just be sure that's the case: look the photos for reference)


Get your alkaline water filter today to taste, feel and enjoy the difference of antioxidant-rich and crisp alkaline water.

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